How to Deal with a Scratched Lens

Scratches are preventable, but we’re guessing you’re reading this because you didn’t take those preventative measures. You know what? That’s ok! Most people don’t know that they can prevent scratching. They just know how annoying it is once the scratch is there. Luckily, Z Clear is here to help! And who knows! Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about prevention along the way!

Myth Busters

One of the biggest mythsout there about repairing scratches is that baking soda and water or toothpaste are helpful. In reality, a baking soda solution or toothpaste will actually end up scratching your lenses because they are so abrasive. Your lens filler should be smooth, not grainy. The best ones have the consistency of soft wax, like the Z Clear paste.

 How to deal: Tip One

When applying your lens filler make sure to use a gentle hand. Even if you’re using a microfiber cloth, rubbing too hard can deepen the scratch and prohibit the filler from settling into the crevices of the scratch. Because most lenses are made of plastic, dust mites and lint are more likely to stick to the lens. If you’re not gentle when cleaning your lenses or filling in scratches, these abrasive particles can be moved around and grind the lens.

How to deal: Tip two

The best thing you can do to keep the scratches from getting bigger is to make sure that you clean your glasses often. Make sure to be using a microfiber cloth and a paste or cleanser that doesn’t contain chemicals that strip the plastic your lenses are made of. Keeping your lenses clean can make scratches easier to fill and lens scratch filler application flawless. 

How to deal: Tip Three

Lastly, make sure to store your glasses in a case to prevent exposure from anything that can deepen the scratch or warp the lens. If the scratch is so big that you can’t see enough to perform daily tasks, you might need new glasses.  

These tips are sure to help you deal with lens scratches as well as prevent more in the future. At Z Clear, we’re sure to have a remedy for all your lens scratch needs.

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