The Importance of Anti-Fog Spray and Masks

Wearing face masks has become a way of life since the COVID-19 made a sudden appearance at the beginning of 2020. Governments shut down economies, severely limiting movement. As restrictions have been gradually lifted, more movement has been allowed.

New experiences of living with face masks and spectacles has revealed problems since this time. People who wear spectacles have found their glasses fogging up while driving and going about their lives, impairing their vision further. Using anti-fog spray with masks has become a necessity.

Foggy Lenses Are Making Life Impossible

As people with spectacles have found, foggy lenses are making life unbearable. working with masks and specs mean that they are constantly challenged with misted lenses. Warm breath behind masks hits cool lenses, and they fog up. tasks that were taken for granted, such as driving, and working have become impossible.

Keeping lenses defogged is not as simple as it sounds. fog collects on the inner lenses, meaning spectacle wearers must repeatedly remove them to clear their vision. Constant removal of lenses to clear vision is frustrating and impractical.Medical advice to avoid touching faces with hands further to limit the spread of the virus complicates life further.

DIY Anti Fog Lens Methods

Many people have become so frustrated with this issue, that they have looked for relief withDIY methods. Home solutions have included placing a metal strip inside their masks to limit lens fogging.

Some store-bought anti fog sprays have brought some relief, but this is usually temporary. unfortunately, unless the anti-fog spray contains quality ingredients, lens wearers will continue to suffer poor vision and frustration. A quality anti-fog spray is the only solution.

Essential Anti Fog Spray with Masks

Using a quality anti-fog lens spray while wearing masks has become essential. Normal vision can only be restored by spraying a qualityanti-fog spray like Z-Clears premium lens cleaner onto spectacles lenses to prevent condensation.

Spectacle wearers can simply spray the solution onto lenses to prevent repeated fogging. Normal vision becomes possible, preventing repetitive hand/face touching, making life more convenient again.

Most importantly, reduced touching of hands to the face helps to limit the spread of the virus. Anti-fog spray and mask wearing is important to vision and health in more ways than one.

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