Anti-Fog Spray: What It Means, How It Can Help

Many who wear eyeglasses and protective eyewear are familiar with the frustration experienced with fog that forms on lenses when exerting oneself physically or wearing face masks, which have become so familiar during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Humid breath deflected into the eyes by face masks and sweat causes eyewear to cloud up, sometimes with disastrous results. Cleaning them with Z Clear Spritz, a quality anti-fog spray, and a microfiber cloth keeps lenses of all sorts fog and moisture free.

Many Professions Dictate Obstruction-Free Vision

Those who deal with fogged and dripping eyeglasses may have given up and believe there is no hope, but to constantly stop and futilely clean their lenses once again. Eyeglass and goggle wearers who are required to use face masks and those who use face shields need a solution to keep lenses free of fog.

Nurses, doctors, front-line workers, and those who work in industry, all are familiar with the inability to effectively carry out their jobs with obstructed vision due to fog, moisture, sweat, and dust.

Clear Vision Is A Must For Those Who Operate Vehicles

Those who operate motor vehicles, all terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles, among others vehicles, must have clear vision in order to do so safely.

Z Clear Spritz oleophobic solution repels water and moisture, keeping lenses of all types, including glass, polycarbonate, plastic, and lexan, clear and obstruction free. Additionally, the anti-static properties of Z Clear Spritz qualityanti-fog spray also keep lenses free of dust and grit.

Keep oneself and ones' loved ones safe while driving during wet, humid, or other challenging conditions by maintaining eyeglasses free of fog and dust by treating them with a quality anti-fog spray like Z Clear Spritz. The 100-percent safe formula contains no ammonia or alcohol.

Regular use creates a protective coating that becomes more effective at repelling moisture and fog with each application. Additionally, Z Clear Paste offers all the same protective qualities of Z Clear Spritz, with the added benefit of scratch filling.

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Levi Armstrong

Levi Armstrong

February 15, 2021

It’s good to know that there’s such a thing called an anti-fog spray, which ensures your glasses or goggles wouldn’t fog despite wearing masks. As someone who wears glasses to see clearly, this would be an amazing product to purchase. I have been struggling since the pandemic started because I always have an obstructed vision due to fog when wearing face masks. I’ll shop for an anti-fog spray this weekend because of this article of yours. Thanks.

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