How to Stiff the Fog in Your Glasses

As many glasses wearers know, there are several issues we have to put up with to see properly. Not only do we have to ensure they don't break, and we have to deal with our lenses fogging up. If you're looking for a solution to fogging lenses, read more to see how Z Clear can help.

What Causes Fogging?

Your glasses lenses are about the same temperature as the air that touches them. If the air that touches them suddenly increases or decreases in temperature, the lenses respond by fogging. This happens if you breathe on your glasses, if something redirects your breath to the lenses, or if you move to a heated or air-conditioned environment.

Without Z Clear, you'd have to wait in one spot until your lenses adapted to the change in temperature. With masks, the hot breath redirects upwards. Even if you do adjust your glasses so the lenses aren't touching your eyelashes and place the bottom of the glasses over the edge of the mask, chances are your glasses are still fogging.

How Z Clear Helps

When you regularly apply Z Clear anti-fog spray to the lenses of your eyeglasses, you're creating a protective shield that increases the speed of fog dissipation. This means that the more Z Clear you use on your lenses, the sooner your glasses clear. For example, there might be a tiny spot of fog that develops but it dissipates a few seconds later.

Don't put up with fogging lenses any longer than you have to. With Z Clear, not only do you create a shield to defend fogging, but you also protect static, dust, dirt, and fingerprints. If you're fed up with your glasses fogging, then it's time to switch toZ Clear anti-fog spray, an eyeglasses solution that's alcohol, silicone, and ammonia free.

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