The Correct Way to Clean Your Glasses

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your glasses were always clean and streaks, dirt, grit, and smears were a thing of the past? Not only do dirty glasses make it impossible to focus on the task at hand, and they can also lead to staph infections and other skin problems due to bacteria build-up on the nose pads.

As such, cleaning your glasses should be a daily ritual. After all, you did also pay a small fortune for those lenses and fashionable frames. To help you see clearly all day long, here are the best ways to clean your glasses.

Wash, sanitize dry your hands

When cleaning your glasses, you want to make sure your hands are free from grease, dirt, grime, lotion, or anything else that could be transferred to your lenses. Also, dirt on your fingertips could scratch the delicate glass.

Wash your lenses

The simplest way to clean your eyeglasses is to use a glasses cleaner, like Z Clear, but if not on hand rinse them using warm water and a lotion-free soap, such as dishwashing detergent. This will remove dirt and debris from your lenses, frame, and nose pads. Make sure not to use hot water as this could damage some lens coatings.

Use a microfiber cloth and glasses cleaner

A microfiber cloth presents one of the best options for cleaning your glasses. It is the safest way to clean or wipe your glasses without smearing or scratching.

It is better first to moisten the cloth using a glasses cleaning solution such as Z-Clear before wiping the lenses. Gently rub in the professional cleaning agent on both sides of the lenses using your microfibre cloth.

This is just as efficient as rinsing your lenses with warm water, but it's a lot faster!

Avoid using your clothes to clean your glasses

Never use your jumper, t-shirt, towel, or any other form of clothing to clean your glasses. Clothing material contains abrasive particles that will eventually create tiny scratches and small amounts of damage on your lenses.

Cleaning your glasses with clothes will also lead cloudy lenses, hence impaired vision.

Finally, always store your glasses in their case instead of leaving them face down on your nightstand when you take them off. Treating your glasses with care will guarantee longevity, and you will see clearly for much longer.

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