Sick of Your Glasses Fogging Up? Let Us Help!

If you have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for some time, you are probably familiar with the issue of fogging on your glasses. Fogging on the eyeglasses usually happens when you move to a warm area from a relatively colder environment. It is also common for people working in a steamy environment, such as a kitchen. Now that you have to wear a mask to protect yourself against COVID-19, the issue of fogging has perhaps become more rampant due to the limited circulation of air around your eyeglasses. Unfortunately, forging is not just a mere inconvenience; it can also be a safety hazard since it has the effect of hindering visibility. But whatever the cause of fogging on your glasses is, we have a solution:Z Clear lens cleaners.

At Z Clear, there are several cleaning products that are designed to keep your glasses clean and free from fogging. Some of them include Z Clear Spritz, Z Clear Paste, and Z Clear Microfiber Cloth. Z Clear Spritz is a anti-fog spray that has both antistatic and hydrophobic properties. Therefore, by using it to clean your eyeglasses, you will prevent fogging and keep your glasses clean for a relatively longer duration.

Z Clear paste has an added advantage in the sense that it can help with filling the cracks on your lenses, albeit temporarily, in addition to keeping your glasses clean and free from fogging. But whether you choose the spray or the paste, you will needZ Clear Microfiber Cloth to wipe your glasses during the application of the anti-fog solution. Using other types of fabric for this purpose could damage your lenses.

Overall, it is apparent that if you are tired of your glasses fogging up, then Z Clear anti-fog spray has all the solutions that you need to solve the issue. Visit their website today and shop for your preferred anti-fog solutions.

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