Ski Clear with Z Clear

If hitting the slopes is your passion, you have invested in a great pair of goggles to protect your eyes, reduce glare, and make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable. Fog, water droplets, and scratches on your lenses can distract you, blur your vision, and make your day on the mountain frustrating. Wiping your lenses with wet gloves can damage your goggles and degrade their performance, giving you less bang for your buck. Extend the life of your investment and ski clear with Z Clear.

Z Clear glasses cleaner is an oleophobic solution designed for all lenses and coatings. It cleans and prevents dust, dirt, oil, condensation, and moisture from adhering to your lenses. Using it improves vision, performance and protects your goggles for seasons to come.

You can't avoid wet lenses on the slopes. You should, however, avoid rubbing the inside and outside of lenses while they are wet. The coating on the lenses' interior has an anti-fogging treatment that becomes softened when wet and can easily scratch when it rubbed. Rubbing the outside of the lens when they are wet can remove the reflective mirror finish. Z Clear glasses cleaner provides a protective barrier between your lens and the effects of nature. Spray your dry lenses with Z Clear Spritz for a straightforward, streak-free clean that repels water and moisture. Z Clear Paste can be used with the Z Clear Microfiber Cloth to clean and fill in small scratches on your lenses.

Z Clear glasses cleaner also prevents fog and condensation. No rubbing needed. Spray dry goggles with Z Clear Spritz, use a blow dryer without heat, or allow to air dry, and enjoy fog-free vision.

Z Clear products are formulated free of ammonia, alcohol, and abrasives. The repeated application keeps lenses cleaner longer, fills in deeper scratches, and strengthens the anti-fog, dirt, water, and oil protection. Z Clear Microfiber Cloth design is to capture dust, dirt, and grime, so lenses are clean, dry, and streak-free. Hit the slopes with confidence when following best practices for cleaning your ski goggles and ski clear with Z Clear.

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