Micro/Nano Fiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Soft Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Safe for Any Lens

Premium two-in-one nanofiber and microfiber cloth, perfect for quickly removing smudges and fingerprints without the need for a full lens cleaning.

What to expect with our eyeglass cleaning cloth:

  • Microfiber material captures dirt, dust, and grime to create instantly clean, dry, and streak-free surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose use: clean, dry, and polish your high end optical lenses.
  • Scratch-free guarantee.

    Keep your eyeglasses pristine with Z Clears' eyeglass cleaning cloth!

    • This is the best cloth to clean eyeglasses because of the soft microfiber and nano-fiber material. It easily picks up oils and dust rather than grinding them down into your lenses.

      The gray microfiber cloth quickly removes remaining streaks and smudges after a cleaning leaving your glasses spotless. Use the black nano-fiber side too easily polish your lenses either before or after a cleaning.

      This eyeglass cleaning cloth works great on anything especially for small lenses such as glasses, googles, cameras, GoPros and electronic screens. Be aware, larger surface areas will require cleaning the microfiber lens cloth more frequently.