Biggie Lens Cleaner / Anti Fog Spray - 6 oz

Long Lasting Cleaning and Anti-Fog Lens Spray

Easy-to-use, USA-made lens cleaner with microfiber cloth included.

The 6 oz. Biggie spray offers our lowest price per ounce available. On average, it will last you up to 4 years with over 1000 cleanings. The Biggie spray is ideal for cleaning and protecting larger surfaces. 

This anti-fog glasses cleaner is free of alcohol, ammonia and abrasives. Easily spray and clean your glasses, face shields, helmets, windshields, and large surface areas to maintain long-lasting clear vision.

What to expect with Z Clear Biggie Spray:

  • Anti-static effects repel dust and debris away from your lens.
  • Oleophobic properties reduce fingerprints, oils, and smudges.
  • Anti-fog qualities keep your glasses, goggles, and face shields fog-free even in extreme or high moisture climates.
  • Effects last up to 3 days.

Brighten your vision today with the Biggie anti-fog cleaner for glasses!

  • Z Clear Biggie anti-fog spray keeps your glasses cleaner for longer with a strong lens protection coating. First acting as a premium cleaner for glasses, our proprietary lens cleaning solution will protect your lenses for the next 1-3 days by reducing dust, oil and fog build-up.

    Our Biggie glasses cleaner spray is not only going to save you time by reducing how often you clean your lenses, but also money by protecting your expensive eyewear.