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Paste - Eyeglass Cleaner & Anti Fog

Caution: Premium Eyeglass Cleaner, Delivered

One of the most frightening situations is not having clear sight. That is why Z Clear has reinvented the way a lens cleaner performs.

Z Clear Paste is the best eyeglass cleaner because of its versatility. It is the same solution as the our lens cleaning spray but in solid form, similar to glass wax. The Paste helps to strengthen eyeglasses with the durable coating it leaves behind.

Z Clear acts first as a premium lens cleaner. It will keep your eyeglasses cleaner up to 3x longer than regular alcohol based lens cleaning solutions.

The Paste has anti-static and oleophobic properties that block oils, fingerprints, dust, dirt and debris from attaching to the surface of your lens. The coating prevents eyeglasses from getting dirty, overall reducing the amount of lens cleanings needed.

Not only is the Paste a lens cleaner but a water repellant and anti fog for glasses too. Glasses fogging is not only annoying but can be dangerous, especially when there is no warning available. Applying the Paste eyeglass cleaner every morning will prevent foggy glasses from happening more frequently throughout your day. Each application will give stronger anti fog effects on glasses in wet, cold or hot conditions.

And FYI, you can forget the old methods of buffing glasses when using our eyeglass cleaner. The paste is the best glass scratch repair solution to fix scratched glasses. This glass wax formula fills in minor scratches on glasses with a safe solution that will not harm your skin or eyes. 

All your lens cleaning needs, in one.

By using Z Clear Paste eyeglass cleaner, you will get:

  • Clarity: Increase awareness when using glasses or goggles.
  • Glasses Cleaner for Longer: Spend more time doing what you love and less time cleaning streaks, smudges and dirt from your eyeglasses.
  • Anti Fog Eyeglasses: Save yourself from the embarrassment of trying to keep glasses from fogging when experiencing quick changes in temperature.
  • Glasses Scratch Repair: Remove the sight of small scratches on your glasses by applying a safe solution that helps in reflecting light rays.
  • Glass Disinfectant: Eliminate up to 99.7% bacteria, germs and oils from your glasses and electronics.
  • Safe Solution: Care for your skin, eyes and the environment by using a safe solution, with non toxic ingredients. Alcohol, ammonia and abrasive free.
  • When It Matters Most: See the details that matter most.

The Paste eyeglass cleaner will last over a year and has around 300 lens cleaning applications. The small, travel size jar can fit in a pocket or bag when you are on the go or on the job and in need of a cleaner for your eyeglasses.

Not to mention, your best friend for foggy glasses.

Thissafe solution works best as a lens cleaner and anti fog for glasses, eyeglasses, prescription glasses, goggles, polarized sunglasses, personal protective equipment, protective eyewear, protective glasses, safety glasses and screen protective glasses.

See below for additional information regarding what to use on and how to use the Paste eyeglass cleaner and anti fog for glasses.

microfiber cleaning cloth goes hand in hand with using an eyeglass cleaner. To clear glasses from the glass wax solution, a microfiber cloth will help erase streaks and pick up excess oils or dirt without smearing or causing damage to the lens. The process of fixing scratches on glasses effectively requires a microfiber cloth that won’t cause any more damage to the lens. Read Z Clears 4”x4” eyeglass microfiber cloth to find out how to care for your glasses properly through drying and polishing your lens.

    1. PASTE LENS CLEANER: This eyeglass cleaner is a highly concentrated wax solution of Z Clear lens cleaning spray. The glass wax formula strengthens your glasses lifespan by laying down a protective coating. The safe solution contains no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. Friendly for all ages as well as skin and eyes.
      • Zero-Abrasive Formula designed to eliminate any damage that may be caused during a lens cleaning.

      • Anti Static Agent to repel dust, dirt and debris particles from sticking to eyeglasses.

      • Glasses Scratch Repair to easily fix minor scratches that are visible to the eye when wearing.

      • Anti-Fog Properties to keep glasses from fogging with protection that lasts up to 1 - 3 days, which is 3x longer than most cleaners.

      • Safe Lens Cleaner Solution that can be reapplied as often as needed, when anti-fog properties have decreased or when eyeglasses need cleaning.

      • Premium Lens Cleaner & Anti Fog a safe solution to achieve clear vision through eyeglasses.

      WHAT TO USE EYEGLASS CLEANER ON: Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using an anti fog for glasses. One thing to keep in mind when deciding what to apply to is if you can apply water to it, you can also apply Z Clear.

    2. HOBBIES: The safety of clean glasses should never be overlooked when performing. Play days usually don't happen everyday, so when they do it is best to be fully prepared. Increase awareness when doing what you love most. One application will keep glasses cleaner for longer on sports glasses, motorcycle glasses, paintball gear, hunting blinds, scopes, GoPro, camera lenses, fishing sunglasses, scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles and water glasses.

    3. WORK: The paste works best to keep glasses from fogging in wet and hazardous conditions. The difference a few seconds can make from fog obstructing your view can be priceless. Before clocking in, apply on glasses, face shields, protective eyewear, screen protective glasses, safety goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, plastic face shields and polycarbonate

    4. PERSONAL: You begin to take in the world around you the minute you wake up. Make cleaning your glasses a part of your morning routine for lasting clear vision. A safe solution to treat scratches on glasses,sunglasses, prescriptions, eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses and anti reflective coatings.

    5. * DISCLAIMER* -Anti reflective coatings, anti glare glasses, and polarized sunglasses are designed to eliminate reflections on the front and back of the lens. These coated lenses tend to trap moisture and you may continue to experience foggy glasses even after the first few applications of using the Paste cleaner for glasses. In order for the anti fog to effectively keep glasses from fogging, several applications may need to be applied. Our safe solution can be reapplied as many times as needed on anti reflective coatings, anti glare glasses and polarized sunglasses to receive full anti fog benefits.  Please take note, based on the design some glasses will always have an issue with fog.Anti fog is not a guarantee!

    6. Refer to the HOW TO USE video guide to ensure the best results when using Z Clear eyeglass cleaner.
    7.  GLASSES SCRATCH REPAIR:The Paste eyeglass cleaner will fix scratches on glasses by filling them in with a safe solution. The solution reflects light rays which reduces the visibility of seeing small scratches when wearing eyeglasses. Each cleaning application automatically goes to work in fixing current scratches on glasses while leaving a coating to prevent them from future damage. Always remove the glass wax solution with a soft microfiber cloth. If the scratches on glasses are too severe, the eyeglass cleaner can only do so much work in repairing the scratches you see. Only expect to fix scratches on glasses with lenses you can see through such as eyeglasses, goggles, sunglasses and screen protective eyewear. The glasses scratch repair will not be useful on electronic screens, mirrors, windows or windshields. The Paste eyeglass cleaner is a safe treatment in fixing scratches instead of old methods of buffing glasses that can cause more harm.
    3. Twist open the jar lid of the eyeglass cleaner.
    4. Use your finger and apply a small amount of the safe solution onto eyeglasses. A small amount of the lens cleaner is plenty for a small surface. If you see blue on your finger, it is too much.
    5. *Must be applied to a dry surface.
    6. Cover the entire surface of the lens, including corners and crevices, with the safe solution while rubbing the product in well.Rubbing in the lens cleaner well helps with the glass scratch repair process.
    7. Allow safe solution to dry completely.
    8. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the glass wax and any streaks or smudges remaining.
    9. Store microfiber cloth in a clean area where outside particles cannot attach to the fibers to avoid damaging your glasses in future lens cleanings.
    10. Repeat as often as necessary.
    11. Keep glasses from fogging by using the eyeglass cleaner daily.
    1. If you did not receive the best results from using our eyeglass cleaner, please email us at and we will address your concerns. Available shipping in the United States and Canada. Ships from the facility within 24 hours, except weekends.  Refer to our Refund and Shipping Policy for more information (located bottom of page in Terms and Conditions).