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Anti Fog Lens cleaning Paste | Safe for all Lenses | Made in USA + With Microfiber Cloth

Best Anti-Fog Eyeglass Cleaner

This all-in-one lens cleaner solution cleans glasses extremely well while laying down a strong lens protection coating. Each eyeglass cleaning actively prevents fog, dust and smudges on glasses keeping them clear for one to three days. Not only does our lens solution keep your glasses cleaner for longer, but every cleaning fills in small scratches on glasses to aid in restoring optimal clarity through any lens.

Z Clear Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner coating:

  • Oleophobic properties to reduce oils, fingerprints and smudges on glasses.
  • Anti-static helps decreases buildup from floating dust, dirt & debris.
  • Anti-fog glasses, goggles and lenses in extreme climates.
  • Increases optimal clarity by filling in scratches on glasses.
  • Glass cleaner and disinfectant to remove 99.7% germs & bacteria.

    Get clarity today with our all-in-one anti-fog eyeglass cleaner!

    Long-Lasting Eyeglass Cleaner | Cleans Glasses, Prescriptions & Sunglasses
    • Our Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is unique because it is solid form, similar to glass wax. This is the best lens cleaner for glasses, sunglasses or even old eyeglasses that seem far past repairable because it restores clear vision with every application.

      This travel size anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is designed to fit in small spaces to bring you clarity everywhere. Despite its size, there are over 300 eyeglass cleanings in each jar and lasts over a year even when used daily.

    Safe Solution Glasses Cleaner on Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses | Anti-Fog Glasses, Goggles, Face Shields, PPE, Mirrors, Windshields

    What To Use On:

    Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using our lens cleaner and anti-fog for glasses. 

    • SPORTS: Sports glasses & goggles, running & biking sunglasses, plastic headgear

    • INDUSTRY: Face shields, safety glasses & goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, medical goggles, plastic face shields, polycarbonate

    • PERSONAL: Glasses, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses, anti reflective coatings 

    • ELECTRONICS: Camera lenses, GoPro, phones, virtual reality headset (VR), televisions

    • AUTOMOTIVE: Helmets, windshields, mirrors, back up camera, motorcycle glasses

    • OUTDOOR: Binoculars, gun scopes, hunting blinds, fishing sunglasses

    • UNDERWATER: Scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles, water glasses

    • ANYTHING & EVERYTHING: Our general rule of thumb is: if you can apply water to it, then you can trust in applying our safe lens cleaner and anti-fog solutions.

    * DISCLAIMER: Please take note, based on the design some coated lenses will always have an issue with fog. Unfortunately, anti-fog is not a guarantee on coated lenses!