Lens Wipes for Glasses (15 ct.)

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See Clear with Simple Lens Wipes

Z Clear lens wipes works up to 24-72 hours. It helps reduce & remove:

  • Smudges, oils & fingerprints
  • Dust, dirt & debris
  • Water & fog
  • Bacteria & germs

After you have tried every product that claimed it would help stop your glasses from smudging, don’t lose hope. Try the Z Clear Lens Wipes. 

These small lens wipes fit in your pocket so you can clean your glasses anywhere. They easily remove smudges on glasses as well as prevent oil buildup. Not only are they great cleaning wipes for glasses, but they are also powerful in killing up to 99.7% bacteria, germs and oils.

There are 15 total cleaning wipes for glasses. Each pack has one wet and one dry lens wipe. The wet wipe can be used on various surfaces, up to 300 square feet inches until dry.

Ideally, they work best on glasses without coatings. Please refer to Z Clear solutions ( liquid wax ) for a sure, safe cleaner on all coated lenses!

    Get lasting clear vision with Z Clear lens wipes!

    Lens Wipes | Cleaning Wipes for Glasses | Z Clear

    LENS WIPES APPLICATIONS: Use Z Clear lens wipes when in need of a boost of clarity.

    SPORTS: Sports glasses & goggles, running & biking sunglasses, plastic headgear 

    INDUSTRY: Face shields, safety glasses & goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, medical goggles, plastic face shields, polycarbonate

    PERSONAL: Glasses, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses, anti reflective coatings 

    ELECTRONICS: Camera lenses, GoPro, phones, virtual reality headset (VR), televisions

    AUTOMOTIVE: Helmets, windshields, mirrors, back up camera, motorcycle glasses 

    OUTDOOR: Binoculars, gun scopes, hunting blinds, fishing sunglasses. 

    UNDERWATER: Scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles, water glasses

    * DISCLAIMER: Please take note, these lens wipes should not be used on coated lenses!

    • How to Use Z Clear Lens Wipes: Refer to the HOW TO USE video guide to ensure the best results when using Z Clear cleaning wipes for glasses.
    • If you did not receive the best results from using Z Clear lens wipes for glasses, please contact us at support@z-clear.com and we will address your concerns. Worldwide shipping available. Ships from the facility within 24 hours, except weekends.