1oz Lens Cleaning & anti fog spray

Long Lasting Cleaning and Anti-Fog Lens Spray

Easy-to-use, USA-made lens cleaner with microfiber cloth included. Safe for all lenses.

This compact cleaner is designed for convenience. With over 200 applications in each 1 oz bottle, it ensures lasting clarity on glasses, face shields, helmets, and more. Z Clear's gentle, alcohol-free, ammonia-free, and abrasive-free formula leaves surfaces streak-free and safe for coated lenses and high-end optics. Carry it in your pocket for effortless cleaning and experience the world with crystal-clear vision.

What to expect with Z Clear Spray:

  • Anti-static effects repel dust and debris away from your lens.
  • Oleophobic properties reduce fingerprints, oils, and smudges.
  • Anti-fog qualities keep your glasses, goggles, and face shields fog-free even in extreme or high moisture climates.
  • Effects last up to 3 days.

Are you ready for clear and fog-free vision? Grab a bottle today!


Glasses Cleaner Solution | Anti-Fog Spray for Safety Glasses
  • The Spritz anti-fog spray for glasses is the most effective lens cleaner because of the strong protective coating that keeps glasses cleaner for one to three days. It is the preferred lens cleaner because it is easy to use especially on larger surface areas like windshields, mirrors and hunting blinds.

    With over 200 applications in the 1 ounce bottle, its versatile design can clean almost anything on the go. See applications below to explore your endless options that Z Clear anti-fog spray can help keep clean.