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Best Anti-Fog Eyeglass Cleaner - Z Clear Paste

    Z Clears' Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is unique because it is solid form, similar to glass wax. The all-in-one lens cleaner solution cleans glasses extremely well while laying down a strong lens protection coating that lasts one to three days. Each eyeglass cleaning application will prevent fog, dust and smudges on glasses.

    Z Clear Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner coating:

    • Oleophobic properties to reduce oils, fingerprints and smudges on glasses.
    • Anti-static helps decreases buildup from floating dust, dirt & debris.
    • Anti-fog glasses, goggles and lenses in extreme climates.
    • Increases optimal clarity by filling in scratches on glasses.
    • Glass cleaner and disinfectant to remove 99.7% germs & bacteria.

    Not only does our lens solution keep your glasses cleaner for longer, but every cleaning fills in small, minor scratches on glasses. This is the best lens cleaner for glasses, sunglasses or even old eyeglasses that seem far past repairable because it restores clear vision with every application.

    Our anti-fog eyeglass cleaner solution is free of alcohol, ammonia and abrasives; meaning you can use as much as needed and never cause damage to your costly lenses. Yet powerful on most surfaces, our lens cleaner and anti-fog solution cannot guarantee to anti-fog glasses with coated lenses (we like to be honest); although it can help the fog disappear more quickly.

    This travel size anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is designed to fit in small spaces to bring you clarity everywhere. Despite its size, there are over 300 eyeglass cleanings in each jar. It lasts over a year even when used daily. We highly recommend pairing the anti-fog Paste eyeglass cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth for the best cleaner for glasses.

      Get clarity today with our all-in-one anti-fog eyeglass cleaner!

      Long-Lasting Eyeglass Cleaner | Cleans Glasses, Prescriptions & Sunglasses
      • See applications here for our Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner.
      • Refer to our - how to use - page to ensure the best results when using our cleaner for glasses.
      • Disclaimer: Our lens cleaner cannot guarantee to anti-fog glasses with coated lenses. You can use the eyeglass cleaner & anti-fog as much as needed; the more you use it, the better it works, the stronger it will become, the greater the anti-fog effects can be.