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Paste Anti-Fog Premium Lens Cleaner

Z Clears paste is unique because it is an all-in-one eyeglass defogger, lens cleaner, anti-static agent and scratch remover. The paste is an anti-fog wax formula designed specifically for a deeper lens cleaning and filling in scratches on smaller lenses such as glasses. Our paste is a powerful anti fogging and anti-static agent ideal for repelling dust on glass while providing strong lasting fog protection on all applied surfaces. The small travel size anti-fog paste lens cleaner can fit in any pocket and is great for all on-the-go activities. Z Clears anti-fog paste will last over a year and has over 300 lens cleaning applications. What to expect with our paste anti-fog premium lens cleaner:

  • Anti-Fog Wax for Glasses
  • Deep Lens Cleaning
  • Eyeglass Defogger
  • Glass Scratch Remover
  • Anti-Static Glass Cleaning Agent
  • Long Lasting Effects & Protection

    2. Anti-glare lenses or anti reflective coatings are designed to eliminate reflections from both sides of the lens which tend to build up dirt and oils faster since they trap moisture. Several applications of Z Clears paste lens cleaner will need to be applied on anti reflective lenses to receive full anti-fog and anti-static benefits. The anti-fog wax lens cleaner on anti reflective coated lenses will help repel moisture faster and any dirt or dust on glasses.
    1. MORE ABOUT THE PASTE: Our paste formula is the favorite among customers because it is an all-in-one powerful anti-static agent, eyeglass defogger, glass scratch remover and premium lens cleaner. Z Clear anti-fog lens cleaning formulas contain no alcohol, no ammonia, and no abrasives. The anti-fog paste is a highly concentrated wax form of the Z Clear spray. The wax coating fills in minor scratches on glasses by reflecting light rays giving a clear crisp view. Our premium lens cleaner acts as a powerful anti-static agent that will help repel dust on glass as well as dirt, and oils, and fingerprints. This eyeglass defogger is ideal for protection that lasts all day. The anti-fog paste lens cleaner will last no more than three days. Reapply when anti-fog properties wear off or the lens needs to be cleaned.
    2. SCRATCH FILLER: Z Clear anti-fog paste is a one of a kind glass scratch remover and lens cleaning solution. Our paste lens cleaning formula will reduce the effects of visibly seeing small scuffs and scratches on glasses by filling them in with safe, non-toxic ingredients. If the scratch or damage is too severe on the glass, our lens cleaning solution can only go so far. Only expect to see results with glasses that can be seen through such as eyeglasses, goggles or sunglasses. Z Clear paste will not fill in the scratches on glasses such as electronic screens or windshields(we are not miracle workers here, although we do try). Every lens and lens coating is different so be sure to follow our paste how-to application guide to receive the best results from using our anti-fog paste premium lens cleaner.

    3. WHAT TO USE ON: Z Clears paste is the go to anti-fog lens cleaner because of its durable wax form in a small travel size jar. The paste is the optimal defogger for all eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, face masks, and face shields. Our premium lens cleaner acts as a powerful anti fogging and anti-static agent on all polarized, transitional and anti-reflective coated lenses. The wax form increases anti-static agent properties to help resist dirt, oils and dust sticking on glass surfaces. The paste lens cleaner is not only great on glasses but for plastic, polycarbonate, and lexan too. Z Clears anti-fog wax will reduce noticeable glares and fill in minor scratches on glasses, goggles, CDs or electronic screens. Use our anti-fog paste lens cleaner for sporting events, outdoor activities, traveling, on the job or on the go.

    1. If you are not entirely satisfied with Z ClearAnti-Fog lens cleaning products, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.