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Paste - Eyeglass Cleaner & Anti-Fog for Glasses

Premium Eyeglass Cleaner, Delivered

Z Clear Paste is the best eyeglass cleaner because of its lens protection coating.

It is the same solution as Z Clear spray but in solid form, similar to glass wax. The Paste protects eyeglasses with the lens protection coating it leaves behind.

The Paste eyeglass cleaner will:

  • Eliminate oils, smudges and fingerprints

  • Prevent dust, dirt and debris

  • Repel water, moisture and fog

  • Decrease visibility of seeing scratches

Z Clear lens protection coating keeps your glasses cleaner for longer while filling in small scratches, bringing clarity back to the lens.

The tiny, travel size jar fits in a pocket or bag. Despite its small size, this eyeglass cleaner has over 300 applications and will last you over a year.

Paste eyeglass cleaner:

  • Glasses Cleaner for Longer: Spend more time doing what you love and less time cleaning dirt and smudges from your eyeglasses.
  • Anti Fog for Glasses: Save yourself from the hassle of trying to keep glasses from fogging when experiencing quick changes in temperature.
  • Scratch Filler: Remove the sight of seeing small scratches through your glasses by filling them in with the Paste eyeglass cleaner.
  • Glass Disinfectant: Eliminate up to 99.7% bacteria, germs and oils from your glasses and electronics.
  • Safe Solution: Care for your skin, eyes and the environment by using a safe solution, with non toxic ingredients. Friendly for all ages as well as skin and eyes.
Get pristine vision now with Z Clear Paste eyeglass cleaner!

Use a microfiber cloth when drying and polishing your lenses for an effortless eyeglass cleaning experience. Learn more - Z Clear 4”x4” microfiber cloth.

    1. WHAT TO USE ON: Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using the anti-fog for glasses. 
    2. HOBBIES: Keep glasses cleaner for longer on sports glasses, motorcycle glasses, paintball gear, hunting blinds, scopes, GoPro, camera lenses, fishing sunglasses, scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles and water glasses.

    3. WORK: Before clocking in, apply the anti-fog on glasses, face shields, protective eyewear, screen protective glasses, safety goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, plastic face shields and polycarbonate.

    4. PERSONAL: Fill in scratches on glasses, sunglasses, prescriptions, eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti-glare glasses and anti-reflective coatings.

    5. * DISCLAIMER* -Anti-reflective coatings, anti-glare glasses, and polarized sunglasses tend to trap moisture. You may continue to experience foggy glasses even after the first few applications of using our eyeglass cleaner. Please take note, based on the design some glasses will always have an issue with fog.Anti-fog is not a guarantee!

    1. HOW TO USE PASTE EYEGLASS CLEANER: Refer to the - HOW TO USE - video guide to ensure the best results when using Z Clear eyeglass cleaner solutions.
    1. If you did not receive the best results with our eyeglass cleaner, please email us at and we will address your concerns.
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    3. Refer to our Refund and Shipping Policy for more information (located bottom of page in Terms and Conditions).
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