Z Clear Spritz


The Z Clear Spritz is designed for an easy application. Made with the same Z Clear solution to clean all lens types without causing any damage. This oleophobic solution will help repel fingerprints, dust, dirt, and oils, as well as preventing condensation and moisture from adhering to the lens. The Spritz is easier to apply to large surfaces, and is a safe method for cleaning lenses you want to avoid touching. Continued use creates better and longer lasting results.

  • Oleophobic
  • Anti-Fog
  • Anti-Static
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Large Surfaces
    1. Spritz - Spray a small amount on to a dry surface. Wipe solution with a microfiber or cotton cloth until the lens is clear. Wipe solution minimally. Overwiping will make the properties of Z Clear less effective. For best results, let the solution air dry before wiping off with microfiber. For a quicker application, rub solution with fingers or hand until dry before wiping off any streaks remaining with a microfiber cloth. Continued use will create a longer lasting and more effective fog and oil protection.
    2. *Using Z Clear on Anti Reflective lenses (AR): AR or anti-glare lens coatings are designed to eliminate reflections from the front and back of a lens. However, many with these lenses find they tend to get dirty quicker since they trap moisture.This also means these lenses may still fog up with Z Clear applied. Thankfully, Z Clear is designed to keep AR lenses cleaner for longer and still repel that moisture faster. We’ve also found that repeated use on AR lenses does improve the effectiveness of Z Clear in reducing the effects of condensation.
    1. Safe to use on:Glass, plastic, polycarbonate, lexan - our specially developed zero-abrasive formula is designed for all lenses and all coatings. Terrific for home, sport, and industrial settings, including prescription lenses & sunglasses; polarized, anti-reflective and transitions.
    2. Z Clear contains no alcohol, no ammonia, and no abrasives. As you’d expect, every lens and lens coating is different, so be sure to follow the application guide below to ensure your lens get the most from Z Clear.
    1. If for whatever reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with Z Clear, please contact us at support@z-clear.com and we’ll be happy to help.