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Microfiber Cloth for Glasses - 8"x8"

Treat your Lenses to a Premium Microfiber Cloth for Glasses 

Don't miss out on this heavy duty reversible microfiber cloth for glasses. It is the best cloth to clean eyeglasses because of the soft microfiber and nano-fiber material which guarantees no damage to your costly glasses. It easily picks up oils and dust rather than grinding them down into your lenses. This premium 8"x8" microfiber cloth for glasses gives you clear cut vision, even without a cleaner.

What to expect with our microfiber cloth for glasses:

  • Premium microfiber cloth for glasses
  • Guarantee scratch & streak free cleaning
  • Easily remove dust, dirt and oils from glasses
  • Safe way to polish glasses after cleaning
  • Can be used on any glass, plastic & polycarbonate
  • Fiber Content: Perfect 80% polyester 20% polyamide

Get your microfiber cloth for glasses with Z Clear for an easy lens cleaning!


    • Our premium double-sided microfiber and nano fiber cloth for glasses will make your lens cleaning experience effortless.

      The gray microfiber cloth quickly removes remaining streaks and smudges after a cleaning, leaving your glasses spotless. Use the black nano-fiber side too easily polish your lenses either before or after a cleaning.

      This microfiber cloth for glasses is ideal for cleaning surfaces with our lens cleaning products. Use the large 8"x8" microfiber cloth for glasses, mirrors, TVs, glass tables, face shields, masks, screens, PPE equipment, plastics and automobiles.

    Safe Solution Glasses Cleaner on Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses | Anti-Fog Glasses, Goggles, Face Shields, PPE, Mirrors, Windshields

    What To Use On:

    Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using our lens cleaner and anti-fog for glasses. 

    • SPORTS: Sports glasses & goggles, running & biking sunglasses, plastic headgear

    • INDUSTRY: Face shields, safety glasses & goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, medical goggles, plastic face shields, polycarbonate

    • PERSONAL: Glasses, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses, anti reflective coatings 

    • ELECTRONICS: Camera lenses, GoPro, phones, virtual reality headset (VR), televisions

    • AUTOMOTIVE: Helmets, windshields, mirrors, back up camera, motorcycle glasses

    • OUTDOOR: Binoculars, gun scopes, hunting blinds, fishing sunglasses

    • UNDERWATER: Scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles, water glasses

    • ANYTHING & EVERYTHING: Our general rule of thumb is: if you can apply water to it, then you can trust in applying our safe lens cleaner and anti-fog solutions.

    * DISCLAIMER: Please take note, based on the design some coated lenses will always have an issue with fog. Unfortunately, anti-fog is not a guarantee on coated lenses!