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Biggie - Best Glass Cleaner & Anti Fog Spray (6 oz.)

Z Clear Biggie

Prevent fog on glasses with Z Clears' best solution for cleaning glass. We offer a safe glass lens cleaning solution at a low cost.  Our Biggie helps to prevent fog on glasses due to masks as well as in temperature changes. The large 6 oz. spray bottle is a great glass cleaner for large surface areas such as face shields, helmets, visors, PPE equipment, mirrors and windshields.

What to expect with the Z Clear Biggie spray:

  • Prevents Fog on Glasses
  • Anti-Static
  • Oleophobic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Best Solution for Cleaning Glass
  • Safe Glass Lens Cleaning Solution
  • Glass Cleaner for Large Surface Areas (6 oz.)

This size easily refills Z Clears 1 oz. Spritz lens cleaner solution for all your on-the-go applications.


        Safe Glass Lens Cleaning Solution | Prevent Fog on Glasses with Z Clear
            1. BIGGIE SPRAY: A glass cleaner spray specifically developed to contain no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives.
          • Safe, non-toxic glass lens cleaning solution to use on any lens & those you want to avoid touching. 
          • Anti-static properties to reduce debris, dust and dirt particles building up on glass.
          • Oleophobic coating to minimize oils & fingerprints from sticking to glass surfaces.
          • Hydrophobic coating to help bead up and repel water more quickly.
          • The best lens cleaning solution to prevent fog on glasses.

        WHAT TO USE ON:

        1. The best spray solution for cleaning glass, face shields, masks, windshields, mirrors, cars, electronic screens, and hunting blinds.

        2. This glass cleaner will prevent fog on PPE equipment, plastic, polycarbonate, and lexan. 

        3. Safe glass lens cleaning solution on all polarized, transitional and anti reflective coatings.

          Cleaning Face Shields, Helmets, Visors | Best Anti Fog Spray Solution for Cleaning Glass
          FOG FREE | Z CLEAR


          Every lens and coating is different so to be safe and sure refer to the application guide to ensure your lens gets the best results from using Z Clears' glass lens cleaning solution.

            1. HOW TO USE Z CLEAR BIGGIE GLASS LENS CLEANING SOLUTION:DISCLAIMER* Anti reflective coated lenses are designed to eliminate reflections on the front and back of lenses. These glass lenses tend to trap moisture and may continue to fog up after the first few applications of using our anti-fog glass cleaning spray. In order for the lens cleaner spray to prevent fog effectively several applications may need to be applied on glasses. Z Clear lens cleaner is safe to reapply as many times as needed on glasses with anti reflective coated lenses to receive the full anti-fog benefits.
            1. If you did not receive the best results from using Z Clears Anti-Fog solutions for cleaning glass, please contact us at and we will do our best to address your concerns.