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Are you looking forthe best anti-fog spray and lens cleaner? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Z Clear lens cleaning solution is revolutionary and achieves more than traditional cleaners. You can use it to clean glass surfaces, clear different types of fog, or temporarily fill in fine scratches ultimately providing the clarity you need.
If you wear glasses you may understand that one of the main challenges that you have to deal with, is your glasses fogging up. Here are some tips that you can count on to keep your glasses from fogging.
Back up cameras ensure that as you move your car backward, you have a clear line of sight, eliminating the possibility of hitting something unawares. With anti-fog spray, you make that line of sight even clearer.
We've all been there, we take off our glasses or sunglasses and happen to glance at the lenses and wonder how in the world they became so dirty. Where did those fingerprints come from and how can we even see out of these filthy lenses?! 
You need to find a fine balance between being effective and being gentle. This is because lenses are quite delicate, and using the wrong cleaning agents and technique can easily damage them.
At Z Clear, we’ve reinvented the traditional lens cleaner and are proud to present you with an ammonia and alcohol free solution that you can use on your glasses, goggles and electronics without having to worry about damages.
The Z Clear lens cleaners are some of the most popular and reputable anti-fog spray products among motorists, welders, and construction workers. The product is specially formulated and is excellent on lenses and glasses, meaning even motorcyclists take advantage of its benefits.
Those who wear glasses complain about having foggy lenses, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic because of face masks. One tip you can use to prevent fogging of your lenses is by cleaning the lenses with Z Clears anti-fog solution before wearing them and putting on a mask. 
Glass cleaners are a must-have for the summer Here's why you need z clear to get the most out of your favorite activities during these hot months!